Voltage Optimistion

PJPower Green 

Voltage optimisation units are available for Domestic single phase application.

We also do commercial properties and lager applications such as shops, salons and warehouses 

We also design with LEDs for some great effects.

The green lights in this window change colour.

Voltage optimisation saves you money by reducing the energy that comes into your home. 

For example - The voltage coming into our homes ranges from 230 volts to in some cases 250 volts.

The higher the voltage the greater the saving.

Appliances work between 207 volts to 253 volts

By optimising, the voltage drops to 220 volts. Which saves energy money and increases the life of your appliances.

To work out your potential saving

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LED Changeover & Design

PJPower loves to save people money on their Electricity bills.

We specialise in LED changeover.

LEDs have the power to offer you a massive saving on your energy bills.

On avarage 30% of your electricity bill is spent on lighting.

For example a regular three bed house with 9 areas to light with a one 60 watt lamp in each room that's a potential of 540 watts of usage.

Switch that to LED you could save around 477 watts.

There is an LED available for potentially every application.

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